Keyboards /Synthesizer/ Male Lead Vocals -

Rob Hoffman

Saxophone / Wind Synthesizer / Background Vocals - Dave Mielke

This is a pic of Leah standing next to her private yacht. Ok maybe not yet, but after selling a few more (thousand) homes maybe....

Dave blows more hot air than anyone in the group. That because he’s our Sax player! If it’s horns you want to hear, like from the Motown era, or even Big Band,  Dave’s Alto and Tenor Sax , along with his high tech wind controller (which can plays any type of wind instrument – Trumpet, Trombone, Flute, etc..) will be sure to get you dancing! 

Dave works as a Lead System Accountant at NASA.He’s also the guy that yells “Salt Salt Salt!” in Margaritaville.

Lead Guitar/Male Lead Vocals - Ted Henricks

Female Vocals 1 - Dawn Reeves

Dave showing off his muscles here – too bad he never uses them when we load. He's nowhere to be found…

By the way – dig those sexy socks – What a ladies man!

Rob Hoffman can never find his keys. That’s because he has 88 of them to keep track of! Rob’s our keyboard player but more than that, he also provides us a second guitar when we really need to get rocking! Rob also provides male lead vocals. Rob’s specialty is the 70’s and 80’s dance era. Rob can also provide cocktail music if you’re planning on having a ‘pre-party’ party, or even ceremony music during the wedding itself. He also provides cocktail music.

Rob may be the “whitest man in show business”, but vocally he sounds just like James Brown! Or is that Barry White? In any case, we call him the Funk Master, as he covers all the 70’s/80’s dance songs.

Because of his accounting background as a CPA and his ability to add numbers up correctly, Rob gets to run the band, handling all the contracts and making sure Jim’s “No mayonnaise” contract clause is upheld.

Geoffrey Schultz is the man that holds down the beat. Geoffrey works in construction and commercial site design.

Some of Geoffrey’s favorite things to do include: 

  • Buying every piece of drums hardware that was ever made, losing it or breaking it, then buying it again
  • Free fall elevator rides
  • Standing on the top of the empire state building (or any structure over 10 ft off the ground). That means he charges a premium to cross the Bay Bridge.


This was Geoffrey after.

Drums/Percussion - Geoffrey Shultz

Dave shown here with his highfalutin wind synthesizer.  Highfalutin. Get it? Though some of the guys think it's just a fancy kazoo. 

From dinner standards to Disco to Top 40, Dawn will get the crowd moving. She will also help you organize your function with regards to the entertainment we provide.

Dawn not only entertains, she educates – that’s because Dawn is a schoolteacher for the 2nd grade in Howard County. It was a natural fit for her since when was used to dealing with a bunch of second graders anyway (us). She also corrects our terrible use of grammar. Hmmm. We probably should have had her proofread this website for us..... 

Rob dressed up for Halloween above

The Mutual Fun Band

Rob also drives the band truck. I use the word “drive” liberally because it’s hard to call what he does “driving”. It’s more like meandering aimlessly across the roadway – except it happens at about 65 MPH. Apparently, the driving tests he took when he was growing up were conducted from a completely parked position, because there’s really no way he could have passed it otherwise.

Jim shown above dressed for a formal function. P.S. That’s his real hair. Will pull hair back if asked but refuse to cut!

And yes, there was one Mother who asked….

Ted says to all our clients –“You know what band you want to hire – DON’T YOU??”.

Bass Guitar / Rhythm Guitar / Male Lead Vocals - Jim Karl

This was Geoffrey above before the Mutual Fun audiition process. 

Female Vocals 2 - Leah Hargest

In addition to providing excellent Female lead vocals, Leah works as a Real Estate Agent and can find the best home for you to live! Then you can celebrate your closing with a big party! I wonder what band you could get for that..... 

Leah can also provide live A Cappella or accompanied vocal performances for your ceremonies.

Although no relation to Jimmy, Ted can play guitar just like him! Ted’s a transplant from New Jersey and lived right next to the Sopranos (BadaBing!). But seriously, if the audience wants to dance, Ted just wants to play his guitar. The everyday stress of daily life has created a need for Ted to Rock and Roll! 

In his real life, Ted used to do sales for the healthcare industry. He knows more about Pig heart valves anyone we know. To bad they don’t have a category on Jeopardy for that. He’d win a lot of money….

Like Jim, he's retired now too and spending much of his time down in Costa Rica but you'll still get to see him perform with occasionally when he's back in the States!

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​Music for all occasions

You can't tell from this photo, but he's trying to figure out what key this song is in.

With the longest hair in the group and his rock and roll attitude, Jim Karl fills the front man position in the band. If you hear a primal scream coming from the stage, you can bet it’s coming from Jim’s mouth. From Sinatra and Tony Bennett to the Beatles and  Bon Jovi, Jim can turn from rocker to crooner in a flash; serenading out a country love song or a hard rockin' tune making you wonder if maybe he’s got a split personality? He is about as close to, and as far from, “The Wedding Singer” as you can get!

He also plays guitar, but he rarely gets a chance to play it onstage! That’s ok though, because with influences like Paul McCartney, Geddy Lee, and Chris Squire - in this band the BASS is the lead instrument!

 Jim runs our PA system, is our behind the scenes technician, our Webmaster (which means he is responsible for all the stories here), and he is the only guy who knows how to pack the van correctly.

 He’s retired now at a unusually young age.  In a former life, he was a Systems Engineer. Now, he concentrates on his hobbies which include going to auctions, playing music, playing with his dogs and loving retirement! 

Oh yeah – and he hates mayonnaise!