Helpful Tips

Although we have a vast song list, we are more than happy to learn a couple of tunes for your special function. Maybe there is a special song that you heard when you met your (soon to be) spouse, or a special song for the Father/Daughter dance. We have played many, many songs over the years and most of them are not reflected on our current song list. If you have specific selections from our song list that you want us to play – or NOT play, be sure to let us know in advance and we’ll be happy to accommodate you!


If you don’t specify attire –you get this by default!

Ok – All (Mutual) fun aside, 99% of the functions we play we wear tuxedos, so don’t worry about our presentation!


Most functions call for more formal attire. No problem! We have several different tuxedo ‘looks’ that can be accommodated. If your function is less formal, that’s no problem either. We will appropriately dress in ‘smart casual’. If you are REALLY looking for something laid back and completely informal, tropical Hawaiian shirts fit us just fine! Just let us know the style you wish us to present.

Plan the room layout accordingly –

Playing time and Breaks

A typical evening consists of a 4 hour job with approximately 45 minutes of continuous playing time, and 15  minutes of break. During the breaks, taped music will be provided so you will have continuous music coverage. If you have an unusual schedule, filled with various activities, we are happy to accommodate you.

Are you having an awards ceremony or speeches 15 minutes after the band starts? You don’t want to break the rhythm and energy of the people dancing. Usually, it’s best to coordinate these types of activities with a planned band break. Don’t forget – there’s 15-20 minutes of break time each set that is perfect for these types of events. That way, you get the most music for your money! If you need more time, no problem! We will work around whatever schedule you have.

For wedding receptions, it helps to group several of the reception activities together (i.e. cake cutting, flower toss, Father/Daughter dance, family group pictures, etc.) This prevents the dancing flow from breaking up too frequently. It also helps the photographer coordinate his activities as well.

Song Selection

Think about the timing of the activities –

Moving equipment, setting up, and playing takes a lot of energy! To keep up with this, it helps to be fed. Food is energy! This is not so much a requirement as a consideration. Our day starts long before the guests ever arrives and continues long after they are gone. We don’t expect to be served the filet that all the other guests are eating, but if a hot meal could be provided it is very much appreciated! Just no mayonnaise for Jim – He can’t stand it!

Here are some helpful tips we would like to pass along from our many years of experience in this entertainment business to help your event go smoothly:

This is how Jim feels about mayonnaise!

Is this a younger crowd that wants to hear more current dance or rock material, or an older crowd that prefers more slow songs and dinner music? If you can identify the type of people ahead of time, it helps us prepare a more appropriate song list sets as well as layout the sets to suite the audience taste. Of course, we can easily adjust our song sets dynamically to what the crowd is best responding to.



The Mutual Fun Band

Where is the dance floor going to be? The band should be located in the same area. Is the dance floor inside in one part of the building? If so, then don’t put the band outside or in another room if you can help it. You want the band to be where the people will be partying. Ideally, the band is located right in front of the dance floor – not off to the side or in a corner where we can’t interact with the dancing crowd.

Which table will be located right in front of the PA speakers? Hopefully not the oldest couple in the room! Generally, it’s best to put the younger people nearest to the band (typically to the immediate right and left of the stage in front of the speakers) as they more easily adapt to sound at that location. Of course, no matter who is in the room, we can adjust the volume accordingly.

The band requires adequate space to provide room for the 6 musicians, sound and lighting system. This space is typically at least 8 feet deep (12ft preferred) x approximately 24-30 feet wide depending on the band size. We’ve played in very tight spaces before, and can do so for your job, but it does prevent our mobility and crowd interaction. In any case, don’t let the space requirements deter you – you can make it work whatever the size! A stage is not required but you may want it simply for the presentation as it really adds to the effect of the band. When playing outdoors, the space where the band is located must be covered and protected from the elements and a flat stable platform must be provided. The band requires access to this space up to 2 hours prior to job start time that we use to load the equipment in, setup, and perform a sound check.

​Music for all occasions

Consider the audience –

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For a complete sound and light show at a large venue, we require up to five (5) independent standard 15 amp circuits of dedicated power to sufficiently power all the sound and light equipment. This is a conservative number and includes sufficient reserve for unforeseen circumstances. Dedicated power means the outlets/circuits are solely available for use by the band, and are not shared by videographers, caterers, etc. If you are holding your function at a hotel, please coordinate with the Hotel manager as typically they can arrange a special power box to be setup for the band, or they have designed the stage area to have special, dedicated power already just for this purpose.  If you are holding your function at a much older facility (like a historical building), or an outside tent (which we have played many, many times), the electrical situation may not be adequate in the same area where the band will be located. Regardless, we can run extension cords to other areas of the facility to get adequate power, and we can provide all the necessary cables, so don’t worry! This is usually the case with private homes as well – which we’ve also played many times. Regardless of the location or age, it is always important to check with the facilities manager and let them know of the power requirements ahead of time.  Always be prepared. The last thing you want is a fuse getting blown right in the middle of your first dance because the caterer plugged a coffee pot into a shared power source that the band was using! Don’t laugh – I’ve seen it happen….

In any case, regardless of the facility, we will scale our show to fit within the available power limits and there has never been a facility or location that we could not play. However,  meeting these power requirements above will provide the best show possible!