The Mutual Fun Band

​Music for all occasions

What Mutual Fun Provides

We provide the complete sound system for the evening. We have sufficient equipment to cover even the largest halls or outdoor events. In addition, we can handle all of the announcements, introductions, etc. for you. We can even provide sound for your outdoor ceremony. 

We provide a variety of CD music for you on our breaks at no extra cost, so you do not need to incur the added expense of a D.J. to have constant music. We can provide the music ourselves for the breaks, or if you have specific material that you would like, simply provide us the CD and we will be happy to use that instead.

Ceremony and Cocktail Music

Mutual Fun can be a one stop shop for all your music needs. Whether it be for keyboard or guitar based ceremony music or a live vocal performance for the ceremony, or keyboards and Sax for a cocktail hour, Mutual Fun can address all these needs. This not only can save you money, but simplify the entire event coordination by just dealing with a single vendor. 

Break Music

We can help coordinate the evening’s activities and even provide the hosting for the event. We’ll take care of all of the introductions and announcements for the evening. On average, we have over 25 years of experience for each member of the group. We have played EVERY type of function imaginable – From fancy, formal Balls and Embassy functions to casual outdoor Festivals and backyard parties.



Live Music

There is NOTHING like live music. No D.J. will ever compare to a live band that is dancing and singing live right in front of you. This is not Karaoke – this is the real thing! The energy of the group will get your audience up and moving! We also love to find those great party songs that people on the dance floor can all sing along to. This makes for a really fun party! Our expert musicianship, strong vocal leads and harmonies create an authentic sound and feel to every style of music we play. We cover every style of music, and can be as laid back as you want, or as rockin’ as you need. We know how to keep the music light while everyone is eating, and how to pack the floor when they are ready to dance. We use no sequencers or taped backing tracks like some groups – everything you see with us is being actually played live.

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We have our own lighting system including several trees of lights, disco lights, strobes, lasers and even a fog machine (if the facility permits – we once had the fire trucks come because no one knew there were smoke detectors hidden in the ceiling!). We bring the nightclub to you! This really adds a tremendous effect for those dancing. Not looking for something that flashy? No problem, we also have simple lighting systems that will provide just the right “ambience” without all the flash and glitz.